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Back in Chengdu & Back to Work

Ah, finally finished talking about our CNY trip. It’s been so long since I’ve written about anything else that I haven’t really had a chance to catch everyone up to speed on what we’ve been doing recently! And trust me, we have been busy. I want to write about the Hong Kong trip, which was absolutely fabulous, while it’s still fresh(ish) in my mind. And I’m dying to share my pictures because I was on my own and had to take them all by myself. I’m pretty proud of myself, though, and I’m blaming any shortcomings in quality on the smog/fog. However, before I jump into all of that I want to talk about some of what we’ve actually been up to in Chengdu lately. Most of the time that’s where we are, after all, and living and working here day in and day out is a totally different experience from the time spent on the road.

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