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Budget Accommodation in Hong Kong

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Most tourists stay in Kowloon when they visit Hong Kong because it’s across the water from downtown HK (and thus cheaper), but only about a 10 minute (if that) metro trip to the city center. Kowloon is a strange place. It’s enough removed from downtown that it’s a bit more affordable, but it’s still pretty prime real estate. And so you get a jumble between a swanky shopping district and a budget tourist hub.

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Getting To and From HK

It’s recommended when traveling between mainland China and Hong Kong that you fly to Shenzhen and then take the train or bus across the border and into HK. This saves you money in a couple of ways- it’s cheaper to fly domestically than it is to take an international flight to HK, and I read that you get charged a hefty departure tax when you fly out of HK added to your ticket price. Anyway, I would like to recommend this recommendation! I was worried about a messy process trying to figure out where to go, alone, with no Chinese language skills (tiiiny bit of Mandarin but no Cantonese!). Shouldn’t have wasted the time worrying, though. It’s super straight forward.

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