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Last Week in Chengdu!

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So, before we start on this whole new adventure, I wanted to wrap up our time in Chengdu with a post about our last week here. I mentioned last time that these few weeks have been a total emotional roller coaster, but the last few days have definitely been the most intense. I’m excited, sad, stressed, and relaxed all at once. It really depends on the moment.

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CNY in Peng’An

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Hello! Kev and I just got back yesterday from spending 3 days in our good friend Rita’s hometown for Chinese New Year. We have been so incredibly busy this holiday season but it has been a whirlwind of fun times and good memories.

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Smoggy Days

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Hey y’all, sorry if you’ve had any trouble with my comment box/captcha situation– I’ve gotten several emails/comments about it this week but it should be all updated and good to go by now! For a blog with little traffic we have been bombarded with spam, so we’ve had to take measures to fight back. Sorry for any inconvenience!

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A Few Thoughts on My Year Working in Chengdu…

By the time this gets posted my contract with my school will be up. So, I figured now is a good time to share some of my thoughts and feelings about my working experience.

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Chengdu Hotpot

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Hey friends & fam! I think I’m finally ready to start writing about the present again after having spent months talking about all the fun stuff we did when my family visited. I’m glad we were able to get all of that written down as those were some of my favorite memories of my time in China. However, time is FLYING by and I have to use these next few weeks to write about all things Chengdu before we leave!

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Cook-Your-Own Barbecue

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Hey y’all. Gotta keep this one really short; this week has been absolute madness and I’m running low on time and energy. This week is an 8-day work week for me because of the days off for New Year’s. My work week isn’t that ridiculously difficult, but without the weekend to catch up on sleep and take a break from all the 3 year olds I get burnt out quickly.

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Jianchuan Museum Cluster

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This week has been full of even more excitement than last. We have been planning the amazing trips we are going to take very soon with my Dad and my Mimi. I am counting down until they come, and it’s getting really close! In addition, we received an interesting job proposal in Asia that we are excited to get more information about. Trying to figure out what to do next is completely overwhelming because we are in a position to do pretty much anything we want come February. However, this is such an amazing place to finally be, and having new opportunities present themselves is so exciting! I will keep you posted on how things unravel, and which direction we decide to take.

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Big Love Music Festival

Hooray! July is OVER! I’m now 2/3 done with my contract, and I’m feeling like the remaining months are going to be a lot of fun. I’m excited to have some free time in August to have some summer fun before it’s too late! Besides swimming indoors a couple of times, the only summery thing we have done so far is go to Big Love Music Festival for a day during Dragon Boat Festival (when we returned from Chongqing). I was really excited to get the chance to get outside, frolic around, drink beer, and listen to some Chinese music. I wanted to get the music festival experience China-style, and that I did.

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