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Guesthouses of Tiger Leaping Gorge

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Hello, all! So sorry for the long break between posts, but I’m back and ready to get caught up! Actually, I have nothing but time to write as I have missed a flight and am stuck in an airport for 4 hours… Whoops. I have to get through our fabulous CNY trip as there’s still info and pictures to share. I’m blaming the fact that I’m totally behind on my having to go on an all-expenses-paid trip to Hong Kong this week (poor me). I was there from Sunday until Friday, which was wonderful because not only did I have most of that time free to myself to check out the city, beaches, trails, and food (emphasis on food, SO much food), but it also meant that I got a free paid week off of work! So nice. HK was amazing, even solo (I definitely would have preferred going with Kevin but he couldn’t get off work so I had no choice but to brave it on my own!). I certainly have a lot to say and a million pictures to post, but first I’m going to wrap up talking about Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Tiger Leaping Gorge

TLG 12

From Lijiang we (and some friends we made at Mama Naxi‘s) were easily able to arrange transportation to Tiger Leaping Gorge (2.5 hours, ¥30/person for a minibus from the hostel). We had read much about TLG and how beautiful of a trek it was. Many people recommended making it a 3-4 day hike and taking time to hang out in the small villages along the way. We definitely had an amazing time and thought the scenery was beautiful, but our feelings were a bit different, and we were ready to be done after 2 days.

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Winter is for Being Cold


If I went to the beach for my winter vacation instead of the mountains, I would have:

  • Been much warmer.
  • Spent so much more money.
  • Had to spend time cropping mobs of tourists out of my pictures.

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