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Night in Macao and Day in Hong Kong

Macau at night.

Awhile ago I put up information about where I stayed in Hong Kong and the visa process I went through, but I did not actually explain the details of or my thoughts on the trip.  So, I will take a moment and do that now.

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One Last Hong Kong Post..

repulse bay 8

Hello! This week was a little crazy with a bunch of work drama. It didn’t really involve or effect me, no worries, but still added a little chaos. But it kept things interesting! Besides picking up some extra shifts to keep things smooth at work, Kevin and I still managed to have a bit of fun. After my work gig at the park on Saturday (pics to come!) we went to a club with friends from his work. They were having a Titanic themed night.. so everyone was dressed like sailors and there were buoys hanging from the ceiling. And a bunch of performances on the stage with varying degrees of relevance to the plot/theme. And of course an epic Celine Dion remix or two. Anyway, it was a little strange but made for a really fun night and a good end to the week.

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HK: Lamma Island

lamma 4 - Version 2

Hello, all. This has been a busy week (do I say that every week?), but a really fun one! Kevin had a work party that was pretty.. interesting to say the least. It involved alcohol during working hours, and a game that consisted of daring people do to embarrassing things… which got (surprise) pretty embarrassing. Thankfully we didn’t play and enjoyed the entertainment from afar.

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Victoria Peak & Soho!

hk 5 - Version 2

Riding the Peak Tram is an obligatory HK experience, so after I submitted all my visa paperwork I decided to head that way. The tram is the most direct way to get up to Victoria Peak, where you can score amazing views of the rest of HK island and Kowloon. The fact that this huge, green peak exists in the middle of the bustling HK island is amazing to me, and I was excited to get up to the high levels.

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Kowloon, HK

kowloon 9 - Version 2

Hello all! I’m so relieved that this is the last week I have to work overtime. The new guy should be arriving tomorrow and ready to take over Arthur’s class by next Monday! March has been a crazy busy month with Kevin and I both scoring several tutoring gigs on top of me working extra hours at my job. The whole month has been a bit of a drag but it’s almost over, and I’m getting excited for April and extra money, only working half days again, gorgeous weather to enjoy with the return of my free time, and of course, my birthday! And hopefully, an increase in the amount of time I can spend working on my blog. I’m trying to not have these entries about Hong Kong stretch on for a month like our other trip did, but I’m busy and don’t like to leave any details out, so what can I say?

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