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Teachers’ Day


So, this week I wrapped up my little modeling gig. It was fun, and the money was great, and I’m glad I did it. Thanks for the kind words regarding my pics! I’ll leave you all with a few more before I end this incredibly vain photo-fest. THAT SAID I’m kind of glad it’s finished. I’m not really model material, and I felt pretty uninspiring for the photographer. Some of his ideas were a little uninspiring for me as well, and there are some pictures I’m slightly embarrassed to have floating around the interwebs (see: jumping pics). In the end I think I learned a thing or two, and hopefully they’ll sell a dress or two. It was a good experience.

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How to Score a Free Trip to Hong Kong

hk 2 - Version 2

Another advantage of teaching in China is that many employers will pay to send you to Hong Kong to change your tourist visa into a working visa. Most schools these days will ask you to enter the country on a tourist visa so that they can feel out the situation/make sure you actually show up and can handle living in China before they start the bureaucratic headache that is applying for a Z (work) visa.

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Apartment in Chengdu

When we first arrived at our apartment on Friday morning I think we were both relieved to see how livable it was. We were kind of expecting the worst, as many employers who promise free accommodation try to put their employees in the cheapest (and thus least desirable) housing they can find. Our apartment is quite alright. It’s pretty basic, and there are some odd quirks, but we’re surviving nicely so far.

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Why TEFL in China?

Ever since I decided that I really wanted to move to China to teach I’ve had to answer the question, “why China?” over and over a million times. Pretty understandable, but still, I’ve gotten a little defensive about it. I’ve only met a handful of people who actually seem to think it’s a good idea. Even looking around for people on the interwebs who have done a similar thing (even though I know there are bajillions of them) has proven difficult. Even strangers are like, “China is the last place I would go.”

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