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Yangtze River Youth Hostel

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Hello! Hope you are all doing well this week. The biggest news of the week for me actually has nothing to do with China. It has to do with me getting my first cousin ever. Hooray! My Aunt K had her (and Ben’s) baby today! I have seen pictures and he is the cutest little thing ever. I am so happy for them, and my whole family. I know they are all together now and I wish I was there but for now pictures will have to suffice. So many things have happened lately that have really made us wish we weren’t on the other side of the world, but we are. So, the best we can do is share our joy via the computer.

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Staycation @ Mr. Panda Hostel

你好! So, after writing a distressed post last week about the mice invasion, things went from bad to worse. Within a couple of days of even knowing they were around they were all over the place. We couldn’t even sleep because they were coming into our bedroom every couple of minutes. Too much. After a completely sleepless Sunday night Kevin and I decided to check into a hostel for awhile. We both needed some sleep and I wanted to get out of there until we had a chance to fix the problem. We then came back to the apartment and deep cleaned, threw away/stored all food, sealed holes with steel wool, and laid traps. We came back several times to check before I agreed to move back home, but found no damage or droppings, and caught zero mice (slightly disappointing but I guess good). I would be lying if I said I wasn’t still scared one is going to sneak up on me (nor do I like being at home alone anymore- I don’t know why I’m so damn terrified of such little creatures) but it’s good enough for now I suppose. So, this week I’ll write about our time at Mr. Panda hostel.

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Budget Accommodation in Hong Kong

m mansion 1

Most tourists stay in Kowloon when they visit Hong Kong because it’s across the water from downtown HK (and thus cheaper), but only about a 10 minute (if that) metro trip to the city center. Kowloon is a strange place. It’s enough removed from downtown that it’s a bit more affordable, but it’s still pretty prime real estate. And so you get a jumble between a swanky shopping district and a budget tourist hub.

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Mama Naxi’s Guesthouse

Mama Naxis 12

I want to wrap up talking about Lijiang by writing a little bit about the hostel where we stayed. I mentioned before that we were pointed in the direction of Mama Naxi’s several times by strangers without us even saying that’s where we were headed. So, if you’re the type of tourist who resents guidebook followers this place might not be for you. Sure enough when we arrived the place was packed with foreign faces, but for good reason! We had a really good experience at Mama Naxi’s.

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