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Last Week in Chengdu!

IMG_1620 - Version 2

So, before we start on this whole new adventure, I wanted to wrap up our time in Chengdu with a post about our last week here. I mentioned last time that these few weeks have been a total emotional roller coaster, but the last few days have definitely been the most intense. I’m excited, sad, stressed, and relaxed all at once. It really depends on the moment.

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The “Wood Place”

IMG_1577 - Version 2

Hey y’all.

Didn’t want to entirely abandon my blog this week, but truthfully not too much has been going on with us. After a jam packed CNY vacation we did a few days of recovering before the reality that we’re leaving SUPER soon started to really kick in. Since then we’ve been trying to get our sh*t together and get ready to go!

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Smoggy Days

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Hey y’all, sorry if you’ve had any trouble with my comment box/captcha situation– I’ve gotten several emails/comments about it this week but it should be all updated and good to go by now! For a blog with little traffic we have been bombarded with spam, so we’ve had to take measures to fight back. Sorry for any inconvenience!

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Jinli Street & Jiuyanqiao

IMG_0759 - Version 2

Heeeeeeeeey neglected blog of mine! Apologies- last week I was way too preoccupied with being stressed about my demo lesson for the parents to update. To the point of panic, actually. It was a bit ridiculous. I definitely need to work on my stage fright/fear of being judged in the near future. It has gone beyond normal jitters and is bordering on disabling. I am just discovering all of my weaknesses here in China, aren’t I? Fun!

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Back in Chengdu & Back to Work

Ah, finally finished talking about our CNY trip. It’s been so long since I’ve written about anything else that I haven’t really had a chance to catch everyone up to speed on what we’ve been doing recently! And trust me, we have been busy. I want to write about the Hong Kong trip, which was absolutely fabulous, while it’s still fresh(ish) in my mind. And I’m dying to share my pictures because I was on my own and had to take them all by myself. I’m pretty proud of myself, though, and I’m blaming any shortcomings in quality on the smog/fog. However, before I jump into all of that I want to talk about some of what we’ve actually been up to in Chengdu lately. Most of the time that’s where we are, after all, and living and working here day in and day out is a totally different experience from the time spent on the road.

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Apartment in Chengdu

When we first arrived at our apartment on Friday morning I think we were both relieved to see how livable it was. We were kind of expecting the worst, as many employers who promise free accommodation try to put their employees in the cheapest (and thus least desirable) housing they can find. Our apartment is quite alright. It’s pretty basic, and there are some odd quirks, but we’re surviving nicely so far.

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